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Why she decided to travel and the fears she had

Starting a new life – Dealing with hijab at work – Embracing diversity and using it to her advantage

Evolving thoughts – Embracing single life as a girl

Exploring online dating

Changing dynamics of dealing with parents – Avoiding fatigue and support systems

Future aspirations – Final words of advice

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  1. Radwa

    Salami Alaykum Doaa,
    My name is Radwa Abozeid, I listened to your podcast on Eamtar and it was really of great help, and the best part is to find someone almost sharing it background and having close future aspirations!
    So I grew up in Abu Dhabi, Emirates and came to study medicine in Cairo University, graduated with a passion for cardiology and ended up in Pediatric residency but in the National heart institute, so I was lucky as most of my time during residency I was in Pediatric cardiac ICU or ped cardiology outpatient clinic, I even was fortunate to enter the Cath. Lab early in my residency….so the diversion from Cardiology to Ped cardiology turned out to be very interesting for me… after I finished my residency I applied for a two year extension as a trainee in Pediatric cardiology to increase my knowledge in echocardiography and train in Pediatric arrhythmology and electrophysiology.
    This branch is not more than 50 yrs old in Egypt, and very few Consultants present in field, I know 4 only beside Dr. Maghawry in Aswan heart center, who now traveled.
    So I made up my mind to seek ped cardiology fellowship in the US. Unfortunately my Step 1 was a career breaker, mostly due to my unfamiliarity with the USMLE test taking skills and way of critical thinking. Later I applied for Step 2 CK, this time I scored really good and in Feb I had my CS and passed.
    But i came to know that applying for Ped cardiology fellowship is close to impossible without US residency, so I will InSha2allah be applying for this season’s Match to pediatrics. I am writing to you for some help support and encouragement and advice,
    I dunno if the Step1 score and lack of publications so far is really a killer, and I dunno a lot of things on this journey, and would like your help to get through it.
    Thanks for your time and consideration 😊


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